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Best Health And Fitness Apps - 2022

Look no further than your smartphone if you're looking for the best tool to help you achieve your fitness goals. Technology provides you with access to a wide range of fitness apps that make it possible to work up a sweat, build strength, and stay motivated anywhere and anytime.

The sheer number of fitness apps on the market can be a bit overwhelming, so we did the hard work for you and picked out the top 7 apps you should consider.

7 Best Health And Fitness Apps - 2022

#1. Headspace

It's easy to practice mindfulness and meditation with Headspace, the app beloved by Gwyneth Paltrow and Emma Watson.

Andy Puddicombe, the former Buddhist monk who developed the app, says that the idea is to listen in for 10 minutes a day. How does it benefit you? People report better attention spans, increased alertness, and instant calm.

In recognition of Youth Mental Health Awareness Day on September 7, Headspace will offer 40 percent off its yearly subscription. That can't be argued with, can it?

#2. Sweat

Sweat was the brainchild of Australian fitness trainer Kayla Itsines, and it started as a downloadable "Bikini Body Guides" in 2015. Today, it's an extensive fitness app that offers many different programs and recipes to help you reach your fitness goals. Each woman can find a program that suits her needs, whether a new mom takes her first steps toward post-baby fitness or a girl seeking more confidence in the weight room.

In addition to Kayla herself, the training instructors are Kelsey Wells, Chontel Duncan, Britany Williams, and Stephanie Sanzo. If you want to fit in an occasional barre class to your schedule, you can easily switch your program and take on-demand classes. The watch-compatible workouts can also be done on the go. A 7-day free trial is available for new users, but there is no free version.

#3. Future

The Future app provides a personal fitness coach who regularly checks in with you, gives you feedback, and customizes your workout to meet your specific needs. In addition to your fitness level and goals, they also consider your equipment availability.

According to the app creators, staying connected helps you achieve your goals. For this reason, you're paired with someone who holds you accountable. The first thing you need to do is take a short quiz about the type of workouts you like or dislike, which coach you prefer, and your goals.

The coaches on this app have various years of experience in their respective fields. Currently, this app is only available to Apple users, but developers are working on bringing it to Android users as well.

#4. ClassPass

ClassPass is for you if you get bored with the gym's same old classes and monotony. The app uses a credit-based system, where participating gyms and studios price out their classes. It allows you to take a class using your credits rather than paying high membership fees and attending a specified number of times.

Many studios offer indoor cycling, high-intensity interval training, yoga, aerial fitness, and more, depending on where you live. Furthermore, some spas and wellness treatments can also be booked via ClassPass like massages, manicures, and more.

Plan prices begin at $8 per credit per month and go up to $199 for 100 credits, while the standard plan is 38 credits at $79 per month. Act now to get a free month and 20 credits, which is enough time to try a few classes and decide what you like.

#5. 8fit

8fit is excellent for people who like a lot of guidance and instruction because it offers on-demand workouts and meal planning. According to whatever goal you set, the app will develop a diet and exercise plan for you. After telling 8fit what you want to accomplish, you work out using the app, log what you eat, and create meal plans using recipes and shopping lists.

Using the free version, you can only access a few workouts that require frequent viewing and tapping of the screen. In addition to tracking your weight and activities, the app lets you view your progress as well. You can customize your meals, create shopping lists, log your calories, and add workouts with the Pro version.

There is a high monthly rate on this plan. Sign up for the six-month or annual plan instead. You can customize this all-in-one fitness plan to suit your individual needs.

#6. Future Fitness

A Future Coach (and a complimentary Apple Watch) help you personalize your workout whether you're in the gym, outdoors, or at home with Future Fitness, an app that connects you with a Future Coach via text.

The Future program provides tailored workout plans and on-demand exercises and routines that you can perform on your own time, with guidance from the Future team when necessary. If you hire a personal trainer in person, the coach will work with you to design a routine that makes sense for you, taking into account your training preferences any injuries or limitations you have. Additionally, if you aren't happy with your coach, you can change to a new one without any risk.

#7. Aaptiv

 Aptiv offers audio-based workouts led by trainers, so you don't have to look at a screen or use your fingers to exercise. Your trainer will allow music to play in the background while you exercise.

Based on the information you provide (such as what type of exercise you like (stretching, strength training, yoga, indoor cycling, outdoor running, stair climbing, etc.) and what type of music you prefer), the app suggests workouts that you will enjoy. You can access the web app for free for seven days, although you'll need a credit card to utilize it.

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